Crown Castle International, Scarborough

This site is located on top of Row Brow, a tree-covered escarpment that rises steeply out of Scarborough and then rolls off more gently toward East Ayton inland and to the west. On top of the escarpment are 3 radio sites, and to the south is CSOS Irton Moor HF station.

One of the sites is Crown Castle's Scarborough MF, transmitting BBC Radio York on 1260kHz with a power of 500W.

  • OS Grid Ref: TA008879
  • Frequency/Mode: 1260kHz, AM.
  • Programme: BBC Radio York
  • Transmitter Power: 500 watts
  • Site Operator: Crown Castle International
  • Antenna: See text

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The most interesting feature of this site is the antenna, which slopes down and away from the top of the free-standing lattice tower for the majority of its length, but then runs horizontally back toward it and finally vertically down toward the feed point. Presumably, the capacitance due to the proximity to the tower top loads the antenna.

The pictures below were taken in September 2002 and you can view the full size image (1800 x 1200 JPEG) by clicking on the images below. Each full size image is about 340KBytes in size.

Up the tower Horizontal section
View up the tower. As you can see, everybody and their dog are on this site as well as the beeb. This shows the horizontal section of the antenna
Feedpoint Vertical section
This is the feed point, seen through the fence. The vertical section is supported on insulators with springs anchoring it to the ground. Wider angle view of the vertical section and feedpoint.
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